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About Sofiest Designs

Inspired by the disco era, Sofiest Designs accentuates the timeless disco ball by incorporating modern decor elements to add funk and fun to any ‘un-groovy’ room. Our excitement comes from the natural illumination that occurs when a ray of light strikes the glass tiles, displaying light fractions throughout the room. It’s a natural mood booster, which is why we believe in disco therapy! 

We are a family operated business, based out of San Diego, California and operate out of our garage (like any great startup)!

Each and every disco decor product is handcrafted to ensure the best quality possible. At Sofiest Designs, we pride ourselves on our unique shapes, handmade craftsmanship, attention to detail, and most importantly, our customer’s satisfaction.

We are thrilled to be mentioned in Architectural Digest’s article “How the Disco Ball Went From a Nightclub Staple to TikTok’s Latest Decor Obsession,” by Kate Silzer. Other proud articles to peruse include Hunker’s “18 Disco Ball Decor Items to Make Your Retro Dreams Come True,” by Pauline Lacsamana. And,  Buzzfeed’s “26 Pieces Of Decor From Small Businesses That Will Leave Your Home Looking Refreshed,” by Rylee Johnston.

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